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soccer summer campHow Rising festival brought us dance in times of plague

soccer meaning marathiBy Angela Conquet

Three years in the making, Risings much-anticipated first edition brought to Melbournes festival-deprived audiences a rich program featuring 225 events. With former Chunky Move founder and choreographer Gideon Obarzanek...

tennis master londres diffusion tvLIV Golf: Sportwashing vs. the commercial value of public attention

german mens handball flashscoreBy Brad Millington Et Al

The LIV Golf Invitational Series held its first event recently at Centurion Club in St. Albans, England. LIV is a challenger to established tours in mens golf most notably the PGA Tour. Golfers have seemingly been...

volleyball bettingOur current methods of food production are unsustainable – in his latest book, George Monbiot considers the alternatives

soccer results jsonBy Petra Marschner

In his new book Regenesis, journalist and environmental activist George Monbiot describes problems associated with agriculture now and into the future. He also gives examples of how agriculture can be improved to produce...

tomorrow match list footballFemale finance leaders outperform their male peers, so why so few of them in academia and beyond?

cricket info live scoreBy Jing Xu Et Al

The gender diversity of thought leadership in finance is lower than in most other academic fields, our research shows. Finance ranks 132nd out of 175 fields with a representation of only 10.3% women among its thought...

basketball hoop height by ageWhy capping food prices won't work – and will actually make things worse

app 888sport per androidBy Phil Lewis

Australian shoppers are facing a crisis in the fresh-food aisles. Iceberg lettuces that cost $2.80 a year ago have doubled, or tripled, in price. Brussel sprouts that cost $4 to $6 a kilogram are now $7 to $14. Beans...

basketball drawing with colorRussia’s Ukraine invasion won’t be over soon – and Putin is counting on the West’s short attention span

cfc catalonia fcBy Matthew Sussex

As Russias war in Ukraine becomes a quagmire of attrition, Western leaders are slowly coming to two realisations about Vladimir Putins intentions. First, Russias war against Ukraine wont be over soon, and is likely to...

horse betting payoutsUS Capitol attack: how the public reaction to the January 6 hearings reflects deep divisions in the US

casino rates in goaBy Eliza Bechtold

After nearly a year of investigating the attack on the US Capitol on January 6 2021, the Democrat-led House Select committee is holding a series of public hearings to present its findings to the US public. These findings...

basketball stars hack iosAt what point is a disease deemed to be a global threat? Here's the answer

keith williams basketball trainerBy C Raina MacIntyre Et Al

Whenever there is an outbreak of a disease in the world such as monkeypox it is up to the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider what sort of weight to give it, including whether or not it constitutes a public...

champions league live scoreHow to combat the unethical and costly use of deepfakes

height of tennis net at wimbledonBy Audrey de Rancourt-Raymond1 Et Al

Deepfakes are video, audio and image content generated by artificial intelligence. This technology can produce false images, videos or sounds of a person, place or event that appear authentic. In 2018, there were...

best dart player in the worldVegan cheese: what you should know

soccer summer camp mobile alBy Richard Hoffman

For many people who go vegan, one of the hardest things to give up is cheese. Fortunately, thanks to the increasing popularity of veganism, food manufacturers have begun producing a greater variety of vegan cheeses with...

soccer league worldCrypto crash: market volatility is testing investor will but crypto-enthusiasts still see a future for the asset class

link 918kiss apkBy Andrew Urquhart Et Al

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, remains a bellweather for the sector. It hit an all-time high of more than US$68,000 (55,600) in November 2021, when the overall value of the cryptocurrency market was close to US$3...

syracuse women's basketball violationsWhat is a heat dome? An atmospheric scientist explains the weather phenomenon baking large parts of the country

ipl all stars cricket matchBy William Gallus

A heat dome occurs when a persistent region of high pressure traps heat over an area. The heat dome can stretch over several states and linger for days to weeks, leaving the people, crops and animals below to suffer...

basketball videos not on youtubeWhat is curtailment? An electricity market expert explains

sports betting sites that accept debit cardsBy Theodore J. Kury

Curtailment has a special meaning in electric power systems. It describes any action that reduces the amount of electricity generated to maintain the balance between supply and demand which is critical for avoiding...

soccer betting systemsPandemic's impacts on how people live and work may change city centers for decades to come

soccer zone weslaco txBy Eunjee Kwon Et Al

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea If companies allowed more of their employees to permanently work from home, businesses would gravitate toward city centers, while...

can you play old fifa games onlineCelibacy: its surprising evolutionary advantages – new research

como retirar dinero en luckia colombiaBy Ruth Mace Et Al

Why would someone join an institution that removed the option of family life and required them to be celibate? Reproduction, after all, is at the very heart of the evolution that shaped us. Yet many religious institutions...

tennis tv refundHow digital tech can help people with asthma manage their meds and reduce the risk of attacks

live results footballBy Amy Chan

Modern medical science has made remarkable progress in the treatment of asthma. Inhalers containing steroids are particularly effective in preventing an asthma attack. But getting people to take these preventive medicines...

tennis love by hazelWhy Russia demonizes Ukrainian diasporas

mabetsika loginBy Vic Satzewich Et Al

Were now almost into the fifth month of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and one of the consistent features of Russias associated information war is its continuing efforts to defame and demonize Ukrainian diasporas around...

ziden soccer tips.comWhy including coal in a new ‘capacity mechanism’ will make Australia's energy crisis worse

super rugby unlockedBy Tim Nelson

Australias electricity generators would be paid extra money to be available even if they dont actually generate any energy, under a new mechanism proposed by the federal governments Energy Security Board...

cricket id cardIn an energy crisis, every watt counts. So yes, turning off your dishwasher can make a difference

club soccer teams near meBy Anna Malos

Australias east coast energy market has been on a rocky road for the past few weeks. It begs the question: how could the market change to avoid the next crisis? To date, discussion has largely focused on the need to...

football play online free gamesA new farming proposal to reduce carbon emissions involves a lot of trust – and a lot of uncertainty

buffalo bills vs las vegas raidersBy Ralph Sims

After decades of avoiding inclusion in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), New Zealands primary production sector has begrudgingly acknowledged that reducing on-farm emissions of greenhouse gases is an...

history of soccer analysisInsurance firms can skim your online data to price your insurance — and there's little in the law to stop this

volleyball history basic skills and basic rulesBy Zofia Bednarz Et Al

What if your insurer was tracking your online data to price your car insurance? Seems far-fetched, right? Yet there is predictive value in the digital traces we leave online. And insurers may use data collection and...

ufc propsHow are PhD students meant to survive on two-thirds of the minimum wage?

tennis drills near meBy Shaun Belward Et Al

Over the decades, supportive parents of Australian students on the cusp of graduating from their undergraduate studies have occasionally been struck by a bewildering decision by their pride and joy. Instead of pursuing an...

soccer bet calculatorWhat's driving the surge in South Africa's fuel price

handball verein berlin frauenBy Jannie Rossouw

Increases in the domestic price of fuel are big news in South Africa, with the price of petrol, diesel and paraffin reaching new highs. The underlying reason for the price increases is movements in the international price...

tennis video editing softwareThe latest Bank of England rate rise won't do much to tackle inflation - here's what could work

vnl women's volleyball 2021 usa rosterBy Michael Jacobs

There wasnt much dramatic tension as markets waited for the Bank of Englands latest decision on interest rates. The fifth monthly quarter-point hike in a row was largely expected, taking the base rate to 1.25% in June...

loteria lottoCanadians' trust in the news media hits a new low

poker heads up calculatorBy Colette Brin Et Al

According to the Reuters Institutes 2022 Digital News Report, trust in the Canadian news media has sunk to its lowest point in seven years. The study, produced by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the...

you love soccer in spanish5 things to know about the Fed's interest rate increase and how it will affect you

live score cricbuzzBy D. Brian Blank

The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates for the third time this year, on June 15, 2022, as it seeks to counter inflation running at the fastest pace in over 40 years. The big question is how much it will lift rates....

us vs england soccerFive of the world's tiniest robots

soccer world upper mount gravattBy Joao Filipe Ferreira

Allow me to take you on a trip down my memory lane. As a young lad, a film I saw captured my imagination: Fantastic Voyage, a 1966 release about people shrunk to microscopic size and sent into the body of an injured...

betus footballLocal efforts have cut plastic waste on Australia's beaches by almost 30% in 6 years

free poker machineBy Kathryn Willis Et Al

Its common to hear about large amounts of plastic waste floating around our oceans. But while the problem of plastic waste is growing globally, in Australia its going the other way. This is because most plastic rubbish...

soccer fans refrainE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at 40 – a deep meditation on loneliness, and Spielberg's most exhilarating film

soccer prediction percentageBy Ben McCann

40 years ago this month saw the release of Steven Spielbergs E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial a film about a stranded alien, the boy called Elliott who discovers it and a bond of friendship that remains as magical and...

volleyball net indoor pool'Food sequencing' really can help your glucose levels. Here's what science says about eating salad before carbs

biggest premier league rivalriesBy Leonie Heilbronn

Biochemist and author of the Glucose Revolution Jessie Inchauspé says tweaking your diet can change your life. Among her recommendations in the mainstream media and on Instagram, the founder of the Glucose...

tennis training groningenConservative Supreme Court justices disagree about how to read the law

cartoon pics of basketballBy Jeb Barnes

With a 6-3 majority, conservative justices on the Supreme Court may appear poised to hand down decisions that the Republican presidents who appointed them would applaud. As a political scientist who has published...

betnow customer serviceSmall green spaces can help keep cities cool during heat waves

tennisverein gleisdorfBy Lingshan Li

A recent World Meterological Organization report called heat waves the deadliest meteorological hazard from 2015 to 2019, affecting people living on all continents, and setting new national heat records in many regions....

dafabet netid sportsDepp v. Heard: Verdict promising for male victims of abuse and not detrimental to #MeToo or women who experience abuse

tennis results adelaideBy Alexandra Lysova

The Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial has touched a chord with many people when it comes to gender and intimate partner violence. Headlines throughout the trial showcased drastically different opinions on the...

tennis headband baldConservation science still rests on how animals can benefit humans

dsc cricket bat for saleBy Heather Alberro Et Al

The accelerating loss of other species around the globe is so extensive that many experts now refer to it as the sixth mass extinction. Its driven in large part by an unprecedented loss of vital ecosystems such as forests...

setka cup liveUkraine: international pressure needs to be on Moscow, not Kyiv

tennis shop myareeBy Stefan Wolff Et Al

Having crossed the 100-day mark, the war in Ukraine is having an ever more obvious, and negative, impact on a wide range of issues. From a global food crisis that could last for years to serious problems with the cost of...

parimatcgWhat struggling businesses can do to weather the economic storm

malaysia college basketballBy Naresh R. Pandit

Rather than rebounding in 2022, economic conditions in the UK have deteriorated. Forecasts for growth in 2022 and the year after have been cut dramatically. The reasons for this are well documented. Take your pick from...

ue europe soccer resultsOther frontlines: Third-country nationals fleeing the war in Ukraine are not welcome in EU

gonzo's quest free playBy Yvonne Su

After having to flee the war in Ukraine, most third-country nationals are now trapped in legal limbo, with little to no options to stay in Europe. Despite all the protection, residency programs and aid for Ukrainian...

online betting ipl appThe Fourth Industrial Revolution: a seductive idea requiring critical engagement

india latest scoreBy Ruth Castel-Branco Et Al

Narrative frames are fundamental to unifying ideologies. They frame what is possible and impossible, which ideas can be accepted and which must be rejected. In her book, Digital Democracy, Analogue Politics, storyteller...

all cricket match live videoHow nanotechnology can revive Nigeria's textile industry

canadian hockey league teamsBy Agbaje Lateef

Nigerias cotton production has fallen steeply in recent years. It once supported the largest textile industry in Africa. The fall is due to weak demand for cotton and to poor yields resulting from planting low-quality...

brazil football resultsBuy now, pay later: Apple will now lend you money to keep you spending and expand its empire

volleyball regeln dvvBy Rajat Roy

Apple has joined the thriving buy now, pay later industry, with a customised service called Apple Pay Later. The service was announced earlier this week at the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, and will initially be...

volleyball court ki mapInflation: there's a vital way to reduce it that everyone overlooks – raise productivity

leipzig vs augsburg predictionBy David McMillan

Inflation has become one of the great issues of our times. The UKs is the highest in the G7, weighing in at 9% a year according to the most recent figures on consumer price inflation. When you look at the other common...

volleyball picturUS shootings: Norway and Finland have similar levels of gun ownership, but far less gun crime

bet tipster predictionBy Peter Squires

In the wake of the most recent US mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 pupils and two teachers were killed by an 18-year-old armed with an assault rifle, a comparison considering how the US compares with other...

bal bhavan cricket academy dwarkaHow Ukraine war could boost tensions between US and China over future of Taiwan

basketball shoe brand for saleBy Christoph Bluth

China is becoming more repressive at home and more aggressive abroad, according to the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken. Blinken made a major statement on US foreign policy on May 26 at George Washington University....

online demo slotsThe 'carbon footprint' was co-opted by fossil fuel companies to shift climate blame – here's how it can serve us again

top online poker gamesBy Marcelle McManus

You cant manage what you cant measure, according to a famous business mantra often attributed to management guru Peter Drucker. This can help explain why carbon emissions are under more scrutiny than ever as we ramp up our...

cricket bat shops in jammuThere are systems 'guarding' your data in cyberspace – but who is guarding the guards?

can i buy lotto onlineBy Joanne Hall

We use internet-connected devices to access our bank accounts, keep our transport systems moving, communicate with our colleagues, listen to music, undertake commercially sensitive tasks and order pizza. Digital security...

is soccer zone openAmplifying narratives about the 'China threat' in the Pacific may help China achieve its broader aims

web hollywoodbets netBy Joanne Wallis

Yet more proposed Chinese security agreements in the Pacific Islands have been leaked. The drafts have been described by critics as revealing the ambitious scope of Beijings strategic intent in the Pacific and its...

do you split 7s in blackjack6 charts shows key role firearms makers play in America’s gun culture

volleyball flags amazonBy Michael Siegel

Americans have blamed many culprits, from mental illness to inadequate security, for the tragic mass shootings that are occurring with increasing frequency in schools, offices and theaters across the U.S. The latest,...

cricut valentine shirt ideasChampions League final 2022: the economic tactics that drive Liverpool and Real Madrid

soccer players apiBy Simon Chadwick

Liverpool against Real Madrid in the Champions League final is a fixture for football fans to savour two giants battling it out for one of the most prized trophies in the game. And regardless of the result, some will also...

racing club vs sporting cristalHow college students can help save local news

scotland leagueBy Lara Salahi

Local news outlets across the U.S. are struggling to bring in advertising and subscription revenue, which pays for the reporting, editing and production of their articles. Its not a new problem, but with fewer and fewer...

tennis match results yesterdayMonkeypox: we have vaccines and drugs to treat it

basketball online games pcBy Parastou Donyai

Medicines are not normally needed to treat monkeypox. The illness is usually mild and most people infected will recover within a few weeks without needing treatment. But there are vaccines that can be used to control...

3 ligaIs a major recession unavoidable? Three economists give their views

We are in a double bind right now. Prices are going through the roof but all the signs suggest that the economy is weakening. The answer to higher prices is normally to raise interest rates, but this also induces people...

soccerway rosenborgMarket Roundup: Sterling rises as BoE's Pill sees further rate rises ahead, European shares gain, Gold dips, Oil rises on market caution over tight supply-June 21st,2022

12:15 PM| Market Roundups

Market Roundup Finnish May Unemployment Rate 7.9% ,6.2% previous Swiss May Trade Balance 2.000B, 4.126B previous EU Apr Current Account -5.8B,-1.6B previous EU Apr Current Account n.s.a -5.4B, 8.7B...

volleyball arm sleeves nzDigital Currency Revolution

slots temple free slotsFxWirePro Bitcoin Predictions

10:11 AM| Technicals Digital Currency

BTCUSD regained above $20000 on short covering. The pair crashed sharply and lost more than 74% from an all-time high of $69000.A hawkish aggressive rate hike by the fed and surging inflation dragging the riskier assets...

soccer game englandTop Stories

basketball workout kitLevelling up: why Netflix and TikTok are turning to gaming to secure their future

By James Birt - 21:29 PM| Technology

The streaming wars are heating up. In March, Disney delayed the release date of Obi-Wan Kenobi to May 27 to coincide with the launch of Netflixs top show, Stranger Things. This on the back of Googles announcement YouTube...

volleyball referee quizThe national electricity market is a failed 1990s experiment. It's time the grid returned to public hands

By John Quiggin - 22:28 PM| basketball nike youth shoes

A crisis, as the saying has it, combines danger and opportunity. The dangers of the current electricity crisis are obvious. The opportunity it presents is to end to the failed experiment of the national electricity...

soccer league andUK work visa for elite graduates is exclusive and based on flawed assumptions

By Orla Quinlan - 22:06 PM| Law

The UK governments announcement of a new work visa option aimed at attracting top graduates has elicited some backlash because the list of eligible institutions features no universities from Africa, Latin America or South...

live cricket match india vs aus todayWant to run for office in Kenya? Here's how much it'll cost you

By Karuti Kanyinga - 21:52 PM| Politics

Kenyas constitution provides for election of the president and 47 governors to head the executive organs at national and county levels, respectively. Also to be elected are legislators: 47 senators, 290 MPs and 1,450...

red star belgrade scoresGlobal Geopolitics Series

free poker online friendsUkraine war: fears that Belarus might invade on Russia's side are growing

By Stefan Wolff - 21:54 PM| Politics

As the war in Ukraine drags on and Russias attempts to gain significant ground in Donbas stall, concerns are being raised once again about the possibility of Belarus opening a second front. This, so the logic goes, would...

twitter betclicHow monkeypox epidemic is likely to play out – in four graphs

By Adam Kleczkowski - 21:51 PM| Health

The first case of monkeypox in a human was reported in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since then, there have been many monkeypox outbreaks, but they have been self-limiting, with chains of human transmission...

epl standings 2013BTS take a break: world’s biggest K-pop group is caught between Korea’s soft power ambitions and national security

By Sarah A. Son - 21:33 PM| Entertainment

The decision by K-pop sensations, BTS, to take a hiatus is breaking hearts globally. But, unlike the Beatles or One Direction, their decision is tied to Korean peninsula politics and the challenge of balancing national...

parimatch casino reviewOnline dating fatigue – why some people are turning to face-to-face apps first

By Martin Graff - 21:35 PM| Insights & Views Life

For the last two-plus years, people hoping to meet their soulmate in person have had a rough time. Lockdowns and uncertainty about social gatherings have led many people to turn to dating apps. People who feel they have...

parimatch moviesEconotimes Series

live football tv app freeDigital Currency Revolution

betting on football gamesCrypto crash: market volatility is testing investor will but crypto-enthusiasts still see a future for the asset class

online cricket bet tipsGlobal Geopolitics Series

soccer news now south africaRussia’s Ukraine invasion won’t be over soon – and Putin is counting on the West’s short attention span

how to live cricket match appCentral Banking Series

cricket bat weight reduction in chennaiThe latest Bank of England rate rise won't do much to tackle inflation - here's what could work

soccer news kaizer chiefsClimate Change Series

belgium first division aA new farming proposal to reduce carbon emissions involves a lot of trust – and a lot of uncertainty

tennisheim bettringen speisekarteFuture of Coal Series

epic sports soccer bagWhy including coal in a new ‘capacity mechanism’ will make Australia's energy crisis worse

handball spezial priceOil in Global basketball nike youth shoes Series

soccer bag smiggleExpect more power price hikes – a 1970s-style energy shock is on the cards

vernon carey height basketballBlockchain Revolution Series

score of pakThere are systems 'guarding' your data in cyberspace – but who is guarding the guards?

basketball legends videosSpace Science Series

tyshon judge basketballMost distant star to date spotted – but how much further back in time could we see?

soccer live score updateSocial Media Revolution Series

betslip checkUkraine’s Twitter account is a national version of real-time trauma processing

soccer manager ltdVital Signs Series

soccer poster photoshop tutorialMarketing is getting in the way of markets that could get us to net-zero

soccer club life playing managerEmerging Market Crisis Series

msu basketball video highlightsSouth Africa's local elections: new entrants likely to be the big winners

handball kaufen amazonMetal Supply & Demand Series

quebet free soccer tipsTravelling through deep time to find copper for a clean energy future

volleyball quotes about teamworkChina Crisis Series

soccer camp for summerSilenced in China: the COVID 'truth-tellers' and political dissent

d sayanov table tennisElectric Car Series

dafabet malaysiaExclusive. Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars

yaheetech basketballständer basketballkorbNegative Rates Series

oddsshark nba basketball consensus picksNegative interest rates may not boost UK economy – here's what the Bank of England should try first

tennis scores coco gauffUS under Trump Series

qualification doha tennis 2021Trump-fuelled chaos shows democracy is in trouble — here's how to change course

play lotto onlineCurrency War Series

giant tennis shoe slippersBrexit: UK pound has not crashed yet, but here's why it will probably suffer in years to come

tennis utrgvMigrant Crisis Series

tennis warehouse overgripsCOVID-19 has hardened Canadian views on immigration

real money craps appUS Election Series

pedro sousa rankingWill Trump or Biden win the US election? This could be a better predictor than the polls

online slot machines for real moneyFX Hedging Strategy Series

biggest betFxWirePro: Deploy Diagonal Debit Call Spreads To Hedge USD/CAD Puzzling Swings Amid Risk-On Phase

schoolyard handball rulesbasketball nike youth shoes

download 918kiss android 4.0S. Korean food delivery apps let users order less salty and sugary foods

A new feature that lets users request less salt and sugar will be added to South Korean food delivery apps. The Ministry of Health and Welfare intends to push food delivery apps to develop a feature to modify the amount...

us pga golf betting tipsCanada to ban most single-use plastic forms

Canada will ban most single-use plastic forms from customer-facing businesses in phased restrictions beginning this year. Single-use plastic bags, takeout containers, straws, stirrers, and cutlery will all be...

lotus book betting appSan Antonio Spurs inks multi-year jersey patch deal with Self Financial

Austin-based financial technology company Self Financial has signed a multi-year jersey patch partnership with the NBAs San Antonio Spurs, replacing the teams first jersey patch sponsor, Frost. No financial details have...

onefootball app live streamJuul e-cigarettes ordered by the FDA to get off the US Market

Juul, an American electronic cigarette company, will be ordered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to remove its products from the local market. The said federal agency will soon ban the sale of the companys...

basketball arena leaguesBarack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Media partners with Amazon's Audible after ending ties with Spotify

Barack and Michell Obama founded Higher Ground Media, a production company, and it reportedly inked an exclusive deal with Amazons Audible, a platform that offers audiobook and podcast services. The Obamas Higher Ground...

cricket add a new linePolitics

betsafe alternative linkRussia-Ukraine conflict: Russian forces bombard residential areas in Kharkiv as Zelenskyy hails EU candidacy bid

Russian forces went on a major offensive in another territory of Ukraine as it looks to seize the eastern and southern regions. Moscow has engaged in what is seen as the most brutal offensive in the area of Kharkiv,...

tennis quebec numero de telephoneSouth Korea to establish diplomatic mission to NATO in upcoming summit

South Korea was recently confirmed to be taking part in the upcoming summit of the NATO alliance in Madrid this month. The countrys national security adviser said Seoul intends to establish a diplomatic mission to the...

height for cricket batUS Senate reaches bipartisan agreement on gun control legislation

Calls have grown over the past weeks for lawmakers in Congress to take action in addressing the major issue of gun violence in the United States. A bipartisan group of lawmakers in the evenly divided Senate has come to an...

livescore now liveRussia-Ukraine conflict: Ukrainian journalist 'executed' by Russian forces, report says

Thousands have been killed in the war Russia is waging on Ukraine, which is moving towards its fourth month since the invasion in February. An investigation found that Ukrainian journalist Maks Levin and a soldier...

volleyball match of indiaNorth Korea: Kim Jong-un talks defense policies in meeting with senior military officials

The repeated missile tests from North Korea have led to a rise in tensions in the Korean peninsula and with the United States and Japan. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently hosted a meeting with his senior military...

cricket new gmail idScience

basketball bag kdSea lettuce used as cow feed may lower marine ecosystem threat

A joint study conducted by a local feed manufacturer and Konkuk University showed that cows fed with a newly developed feed containing sea lettuce emitted 28 percent less methane gas than those who werent. Cows fed sea...

uil basketball rules middle schoolS. Korean scientists develop robot skin that senses tactile stimuli, self heals

A research team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a robot skin that can sense external tactile stimuli and recover from injury when damaged. The newly developed robot skin...

tennis game ps4 2020Absolut enlists startup's help in developing fiber-based bottle cap

The Absolut Company is enlisting the help of Swedish start-up Blue Ocean Closures in developing a fiber-based closure cap for its Absolut Vodka bottle. The caps design uses a combination of sustainably sourced FSC fiber...

quote deutschland kroatien handballS. Korea to produce biodegradable plastic with seaweed

South Koreas Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and a research team at Pohang University of Science and Technology will begin developing technology that uses marine plants to produce biodegradable plastic material. Among...

liga pro serie aResearchers 'mask' cancer drug to spare healthy tissues while killing tumors

The University of Chicagos Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering has designed a method to keep a promising cancer drug from wreaking havoc until it reaches a tumor. As many cancer drugs often attack both healthy...

cricket ipl 2021 purple capTechnology

mobile online bettingTwitter announces ‘Notes’ feature for long-form posts

Twitter confirms its plans to introduce a way where users, especially writers, can publish posts beyond the current 280-character limit. The feature, officially called Notes, is currently in testing and was recently made...

argentina copa diego maradonaEsports fantasy startup FanClash raises additional US$40 million to fund global expansion

Indian fantasy esports gaming startup FanClash raised US$40 million in fresh funding, which pushed the total amount it raised for its global expansion to $50.5 million. The Series B round was led by Alpha Wave Global,...

soccer player skin minecraftParamount+ ‘to commission’ 150 international originals by 2025

Paramount Global unveiled new original titles to be produced in different parts of the world and will be streaming exclusively on Paramount+. The growing list of movies and series coming to the subscription service is part...

online game football masterMeta delays revenue sharing with Facebook and Instagram creators to 2024

Facebook and Instagram creators will still get the full revenue from various monetization tools on the platform until 2024, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Tuesday. The company will also expand the option to display...

Uber Pool returns as UberX Share in the US

Ubers carpool service has returned to more cities in the United States, the company announced on Tuesday. Suspended as Uber Pool, the product is coming back under a new name, UberX Share. The company confirmed in a blog...
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soccer manager reviewEsports fantasy startup FanClash raises additional US$40 million to fund global expansion


flat tennis shoes womensGeneral Motors turns over 150 BrightDrop electric delivery vans to FedEx


basketball xbox gamesBarack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Media partners with Amazon's Audible after ending ties with Spotify


soccer passing gates drillsJuul e-cigarettes ordered by the FDA to get off the US Market


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bangalore cricket stadiumUS Senate reaches bipartisan agreement on gun control legislation


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